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Interviews, Podcasts and Webinars with Nancy
This article introduces you to Nancy and highlights her career growth as a sports nutritionist.
This podcast focuses on olymic runner Tina Muir's journey from amenorrhea to pregnancy. With Nancy's nutrition guidance, Tina was able to make food changes that restored her body's ability to get regular menstrual periods and become fertile.
In this Body Love Project's podcast with Jessi Haggerty RD, Nancy and Jessi discuss issues that arise when exercise intersects with eating disorders.
In this Love Food podcast, Julie Dillon RD and Nancy discuss the complex relationships that sometimes develop with food, weight and
This webinar on Sports Nutrition: Translating Science into Counseling Tips is for registered
dietitians (RDs) who want to effectively teach the sports nutrition message. The information
will boost dietitians' confidence when working with sports-active clients. 1 CEU

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Nutrition & Exercise Information
Gatorade Sports Science Institute - abundant information on all aspect of sports nutrition.
Australian Institute of Sport - comprehensive information on physical fitness and nutrition.
Exercise physiologist Asker Jeukendrup PhD does an excellent job of translating sports science into helpful information for athletes.

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General Nutrition & Weight Control
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics — includes a referral network to help you find your local sports nutritionist, recommended reading list, and access to practical food and nutrition information.
The Weight Control Information Network - research and helpful tips
Food and Nutrition Information Center - Topics from A - Z. Lists publications, support groups and organizations that produce reliable health information

The International Food Information Council — in-depth resources on nutrition and food safety topics.


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Eating Disorders
Multi-Service Eating Disorders Association (MEDA) offers a New England referral network and support for recovery.
Excellent information on eating disorders as well as self-help books and positive ways to resolve eating issues.
NEDA — eating disorders referrals and resources.

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Nutrition and Exercise Books
Human Kinetics — publishes quality exercise books.
A catalogue of quality books on nutrition, exercise, eating disorders.

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Nutrition Articles Written by Nancy
Search for "Nancy Clark" to find nutrition articles.
Enjoy these short blogs on topics of interest.

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Boston sports nutritionist Nancy Clark RD is an internationally respected sports nutrition counselor and author. She has written five sports nutrition books and has a blog covering several valuable nutrition topics for athletes and fitness exercisers, including proper nutrition for endurance sports, sports conditioning and diet, triathlon training, sports training and diet, and pre-competition training diet for runners, bicyclists, and soccer players. She also has developed a dietetics and nursing continuing education course on sports nutrition (available online and as a live workshop offering CEUs). For health professionals there are pre-made sports nutrition presentations, ready to duplicate handouts, and a monthly reprintable column.