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Give presentations with confidence!  (Geared for Health Professionals)


Sports Nutrition Presentation
When you are asked to give a sports nutrition talk, don't panic. With Nancy's Sports Nutrition Presentation (includes a script), you'll be able to confidently present an effective talk on nutrition for exercise.

You'll come out looking like a champ!

In a question & answer format, the 75 images/slides address nutrition concerns common to active people. Topics include useful tips for the daily training diet as well as how to fuel for competitive events:

  • Carbohydrates, carbo-loading
  • Protein, amino acids
  • Fluids, sports drinks
  • Pre-exercise meals, quick energy
  • Recovery foods
  • Caffeine
  • Vitamin supplements
  • Weight reduction, weight gain.

The target audience is high school and college athletes & coaches, and adult exercisers.

Available as PowerPoint download.
The presentation takes about 1.5 hours, or can be easily divided into shorter modules

  Sports Nutrition Presentation $99

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Sports Nutrition Presentation for Student Athletes (PowerPoint with Quiz Format)
This 35-image presentation is perfect for a 45-60 minute talk for high school and college students. The quiz-format keeps the student engaged. They commomly discover they don't know as much as they think they do when it comes to fueling for performance. The information is condensed from the 75-image presentation, with less depth.

Topics include: what to eat the night before and hour before an event, fast food recovery options, protein needs, quick energy, importance of breakfast, dehydration, sodium in sports drinks, weight reduction, and body acceptance.

Available as a PowerPoint download. Price includes a pdf of the quiz plus the script.

  Sports Nutrition Presentation for Student Athletes $69



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Advanced Sports Nutrition Presentation

This presentation Fueling Serious Athletes & Weekend Warriors is geared towards athletes who have a solid knowledge (or so they think) of basic sports nutrition concepts but need in-depth knowledge that addresses their fueling questions and confusion. The target audience includes marathon runners, ultra-runners, highly competitive and elite athletes, CrossFit folks, athletic trainers, registered dietitians, and other sports-health professionals.

The 80 images/slides (with script) offer the science behind sports nutrition recommendations, while addressing the questions curious athletes commonly ask:

  • Why don't I eat what I know I "should" eat?
  • Are carbohydrates fattening or performance-enhancing?
  • Can athletes who restrict carbs perform optimally?
  • What is the right balance of carbs and protein?
  • What about protein powders and BCAA supplements?
  • Should I choose low glycemic foods before exercise?
  • VWhat if pre-exercise food causes intestinal distress?
  • What's best to eat during and after ultra-exercise?
  • Does exercise in the heat require extra sodium?
  • What about energy drinks...?
  • What are the nutrients of concern for athletes?
  • How can I design an effective and balanced sports diet?

Available as a PowerPoint download. This presentation takes about 1.5 hours and can easily be divided into shorter modules. It builds upon the concepts presented in the Sports Nutrition presentation targeted to student and novice athletes. When you buy the presentation, you are granted permission to add and delete slides, insert photos of your choice and personalize the information to your needs.

  Advanced Sports Nutrition Presentation (PowerPoint Download): $99



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Weight Management for Athletes Presentation
With this Weight Management for Athletes presentation, you can help active people manage weight issues, eat well, lose fat, have energy to exercise and find peace with food. The program is good for athletes with ineffective weight reduction practices and disordered eating patterns. The information is geared towards fitness exercisers and competitive athletes, including those with eating disorders and body image issues.

The goal is to transform suboptimal dieting practices into a winning weight management program by addressing these concerns --

  • What's the best way to lose weight?
  • How many calories are OK to eat?
  • What is an appropriate weight?
  • How much protein should I eat?
  • How can I eat well and not get fat?

The section on eating disorders addresses --

  • Factors that contribute to eating disorders
  • Ways to help prevent eating disorders
  • Signs and symptoms of anorexia, bulimia
  • Steps to overcome food fears
  • Tips to help friends with food problems

The target audience is weight-conscious high school and college athletes (especially women), and coaches, and adult exercisers who want to lose weight. Perfect for ballet schools, women's running teams, gymnastics schools.

What people are saying:

"I used your Weight Management for Athletes slides for a ballet school presentation. It was fantastic!"
"This is an excellent presentation in a user-friendly format. I highly recommend it to nutritionists who provide presentations in the area of sports nutrition, eating disorders and wellness."
L. Stollman, RD

Available as PowerPoint Presentation (75 slides).
The presentation takes about 1.5 hours, or can be easily divided into shorter modules.

Weight Management for Athletes Presentation $99


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Commercial Sports Foods Presentation:

Making Sense of the Commercial Sports Food Scene
Sports drinks, gels, energy drinks, sports beans ... are these commercial sports foods "magical"? Or are orange slices, bananas, sugary candy and latte's equally good choices? What's a confused athlete supposed to eat?

The goal of the 58 slides (plus script) in this PowerPoint presentation is to make informed consumers out of hungry exercisers who have no idea of what's best for fuel before, during and after exercise.

Topics include —

  • Brief overview of the growth of the sports food industry
  • Overview of the importance of fueling before and during exercise
  • Concerns about digestion
  • Facts about —
    • Caffeinated energy drinks and sports foods
    • Sports drinks, sodium and electrolyte replacement
    • Sports candy, gels and gummi candies
    • Recovery products and essential amino acids

The target audience is high school and college athletes and their coaches..

Commercial Sports Foods Presentation $99
Available as PowerPoint Download Only

The presentation takes about one hour and can easily be divided into modules.

  Commercial Sports Food $99


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Boston sports nutritionist Nancy Clark RD is an internationally respected sports nutrition counselor and author. She has written five sports nutrition books and has a blog covering several valuable nutrition topics for athletes and fitness exercisers, including proper nutrition for endurance sports, sports conditioning and diet, triathlon training, sports training and diet, and pre-competition training diet for runners, bicyclists, and soccer players. She also has developed a dietetics and nursing continuing education course on sports nutrition (available online and as a live workshop offering CEUs). For health professionals there are pre-made sports nutrition presentations, ready to duplicate handouts, and a monthly reprintable column.