The Gift of Education: What, when & how to eat for performance

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There’s no harm in giving yourself a gift – the gift of education! Whether online or in person, here’s your chance to enjoy an information-filled workshop on Nutrition for Sports, Exercise and Weight Management. You will learn what really works—and why—and boost your sports nutrition confidence when counseling active clients and/or choosing your personal sports diet.

I am co-leading this workshop with exercise physiologist John Ivy PhD. John is respected for his research with carbohydrates, protein, meal timing, sports supplements, and exercise.

This 1.5 day program is designed to help registered dietitians, athletic trainers, coaches, exercise physiologists, personal trainers, and sports medicine professionals — as well as athletes themselves — learn how to effectively teach the sports nutrition and training messages (as well as get tips for growing the business of their dreams).

Right now, the workshop is available only online, but we will be starting up again in November 2015 – March 2016. We are looking for host sites in Washington DC/Baltimore-area, RI, CT and MA. Let me know if you would be interested in bringing this workshop to your facility!

ONLINE                                    Every day, at your convenience

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“I was surprised to learn new information on a topic I thought I knew so well. I left with tips I could put right into practice. I am so glad I came!”

                                                    –Registered dietitian and personal trainer

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