To Make an Appointment with Nancy

Instead of struggling with nutrition problems by yourself, why not make an appointment with Nancy. After all, if you have a training program, you might as well have the best fueling program! Nancy’s professional input can help you enhance your daily eating practices, feel better about your food choices and eating habits, boost your energy levels, and manage your body weight. You’ll learn how to win with good nutrition.

Although technically speaking, Nancy is a registered dietitian (RD), she sees herself as a listener and a food coach. She enjoys helping people resolve their food and weight issues, and transform their nutrition concerns into effective fueling practices. She welcomes challenging clients!

To arrange an appointment with Nancy, call 617-795-1875 or email her at Nancy strives to meet with new clients within a week or two of requesting the initial appointment. Given the current coronavirus situation, Nancy has set up a virtual office. She is able to offer help to those who are struggling with food during this stressful time or those who simply now have the time to address their nutrition questions and concerns.

  • The initial visit with Nancy requires 1.5 hours. The fee is $300 for the initial session, with 1-hour follow-up sessions scheduled as needed ($200/hour). The fee generally gets covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield, Allways, and Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan. The nutrition services would be out-of-network for other health plans.
  • For clients without health insurance coverage, Nancy offers weight reduction and disordered eating packages that include the initial visit (1.5 hours) and then 2 one-hour sessions of follow-up. Fee: $650.

Want a dynamic speaker to educate your students, athletes, employees, or professional group?

Nancy enjoys speaking in person or via ZOOM about sports nutrition and fueling for performance; taming the cookie monster; losing weight while maintaining energy for exercise; understanding the sports food scene—and other topics upon request. Call 617-795-1875 or send an email to