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The sixth edition of Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook. Updated and enhanced. With over 750,000 copies sold, Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook has become the all-time best selling sports nutrition guide.


“This is the BEST nutrition book ever! A registered dietitian recommended it to me when I was running track and cross country at Penn State in the early 90’s. Now I recommend it to all of my clients. Thank you for your practical guidance all of these years. I am now 51 and still running and healthy. I attribute it all to your book!” Carol Frazey, President, Fit School, Inc.

With Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook, you’ll learn how to…

  • navigate your way healthfully through grocery stores, restaurants, social events, holidays, plus more
  • eat well on a day-to-day basis
  • eat well before athletic events and tournaments.
  • decipher current food, diet, and supplement options.
  • overcome food and weight obsessions.
  • lose undesired body fat while maintaining energy for exercise.

Mainly for men: strategies for how to gain weight healthfully, protein recommendations, recovery ideas, quick and easy recipes

Mainly for women: how to lose weight and have energy to exercise; how to tame the cookie monster; the health dangers of amenorrhea and how to reverse the problem; how to help your friend who struggles with food, weight & disordered eating; menopause and midlife weight gain

Because we are all getting older every day: eating plans that invest in good health and high energy; how to fuel well so you’ll enjoy exercise for the rest of your life; how to recover faster from workouts; American Heart Association’s new Dietary Guidelines.

For educators who want to use Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook as their textbook: please scroll down to the end to find information on how to get a free Instructors’ Guide plus access to an image bank that contains many of the tables and charts from this new 6th edition.

Here’s some of the new information in the Sixth Edition:

Here’s what’s new after 2013 (when the fifth edition was released):

Aging- ways to fight back
Alcohol- tips for how to cut back
Anemia and iron supplementation
Atypical anorexia
Binge eating disorder
Carbohydrate guidelines, updated
Clean eating
Coconut oil
Dietary Guidelines (2010-2015):
–for sugar
–for saturated Fat
Food Waste
Gas station nutrition
Gut health
Half-time nutrition
Intestinal distress and resolving gut issues
Kale vs. other greens
Ketogenic diets
Male Athlete Triad
Milk: Dairy vs. Almond milk
Protein guidelines, updated
Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S)
Sparkling water
Supplement update: Nitates, glucosamine, etc.
Sugar Debate
Sustainable sports diet
Testosterone and pro-hormones
Ultra-processed foods
Vegetarian and vegan options (more of them)
Vitamin D
Weight -class athletes, guidelines

New Recipes: (GF = Gluten Free)
Protein-packed scrambled eggs GF
Peanut butter & dark chocolate chip muffins GF
High protein oatmeal pancakes GF
Better-for-you burger GF
Boston baked beans & rice GF
Extra creamy potatoes and cheese
Beet cherry smoothie GF
PB & J smoothie GF
Kale and cannellini bean soup GF
Chicken, kale and black bean quesadilla
Turkey chili with quinoa GF
Pumpkin chili GF
South African peanut stew GF
Chia pudding, vanilla GF
Chia pudding, strawberry GF
Banana date smoothie GF
Super seedy granola bars GF
Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies GF
Cookie dough dessert hummus GF
Chocolate cake batter dessert hummus GF

How Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook is Organized

Part I Everyday Eating for Active People
Chapter 1 Building a High-Energy Eating Plan
Chapter 2 Eating to Stay Healthy for the Long Run
Chapter 3 Breakfast: The Key to a Successful Sports Diet
Chapter 4 Lunch and Dinner: At Home, on the Run, and on the Road
Chapter 5 Snacking for Health and Sustained Energy
Chapter 6 Carbohydrate: Simplifying a Complex Topic
Chapter 7 Protein to Build and Repair Muscles
Chapter 8 Replacing Sweat Losses to Maintain Performance

Part II The Science of Eating for Exercise
Chapter 9 Fueling Before Exercise
Chapter 10 Fueling During and After Exercise
Chapter 11 Supplements, Performance Enhancers, and Engineered Sports Foods
Chapter 12 Nutrition for Active Women
Chapter 13 Sport-Specific Nutrition

Part III Balancing Weight and Activity
Chapter 14 Assessing Your Body: Fat, Fit, or Fine?
Chapter 15 Gaining Weight the Healthy Way
Chapter 16 Losing Weight Without Starving
Chapter 17 Dieting Gone Awry: Eating Disorders and Food Obsessions

Part IV Winning Recipes for Peak Performance
Chapter 18 Breads and Breakfasts
Chapter 19 Pasta, Rice, and Potatoes
Chapter 20 Vegetables and Salads
Chapter 21 Chicken and Turkey
Chapter 22 Fish and Seafood
Chapter 23 Beef and Pork
Chapter 24 Beans and Tofu
Chapter 25 Beverages and Smoothies
Chapter 26 Snacks and Desserts

FOR TEACHERS: Instructors Guide with Supplementary Instructional Materials
These materials are FREE to teachers who use Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook for a text. You will need to order the books through Human Kinetics

The instructor guide provides lecture-related resources that can be easily applied to a typical 16-week semester framework, including:

1. An introduction explaining how to use the instructor guide components.
2. Chapter objectives.
3. Chapter summaries.
4. Lecture aids: Ideas for lecture and/or presentation topics.
5. Questions: Each chapter will have 8-10 test questions that consist of a balance of multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, or short answer/essay questions. These questions are meant to highlight key concepts from the chapters in order to test the students’ knowledge on such concepts.

You will be given access to an image bank that includes most of the figures, tables, and photos from the text, sorted by chapter. You can use them to develop a customized presentation based on your specific course requirements.

Here’s what readers say about Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook:

“Thank you for your informative book. I have followed your advice to the Tee and since have set personal records in every distance I have run. I recommend your book to everyone I know.”
“Ever since I purchased your Sports Nutrition Guidebook,my family’s meals have been great! My husband and three children have made so many of the recipes their favorites, and I love them too!”

“I just want to thank you for writing your Sports Nutrition Guidebook. It offers such a wonderfully straight forward (and sensible) approach to eating. I’ve bought several copies to give to some of my clients and I plan on buying several more. In a world filled with incredible misinformation, it’s great to have your book as a valuable resource. Thank you!”
Brian Tague, B.S. Kinesiology and Certified Personal Trainer


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