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Designed as a self-study program for Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook, Sixth Edition, dietitians (and nurses) can earn 25 CEUs with this self-paced learning opportunity. Simply enjoy the easy-to-read book, answer the open-book test questions, and receive your certificate.

You have the options of taking the test online ($147) or you can request a paper test. If you don’t already have the Sports Nutrition Guidebook, that is an additional fee ($165 for the book plus the paper or online test plus shipping.)

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This online workshop, Nutrition for Sports, Exercise & Weight Management: What Really Works—and Why with sports dietitian Nancy Clark and exercise physiologist John Ivy PhD gets great reviews! Registrants learn what they want, plus more.

The content is valuable for anyone with an interest in nutrition for performance. We target the information to dietitians, exercise leaders, personal trainers, coaches, and other health professionals, and simultaneously address the needs of athletes themselves. Both Nancy and John are respected as teachers who have the ability to translate complex scientific subjects into “how to” information to help active people win with good nutrition.

If you are a dietitian or health professional, you’ll learn what you want to know about how to effectively teach the nutrition and exercise message. You’ll gain skills on how to better help your clients optimize their energy and athletic performance, as well as invest in future health. If you are an athlete, you’ll learn how to be faster, stronger, and perform better.

Topics include the science of training and conditioning; exercise as a way to curb the aging process; protein, supplements, and ergogenic aids; sports nutrition counseling tips; and weight management strategies, including how to correct dieting-and-exercise gone awry. Sports nutrition entrepreneurs who want to start their own businesses will also learn invaluable business tips from Nancy’s extensive experiences with her private practice.

This is an online version of their popular on-site/live workshop. It is self-paced and available at your convenience. You will see the PowerPoint image and listen to the voices of Nancy and John. If you want CEUs, you can purchase the workshop from ACE Fitness. Alternatively, on this website, you can take the quiz after each module, receive the certificate of completion, and then petition for CEUs from your professional organization.

The sessions include:

Presentations by exercise physiologist John Ivy PhD:

Optimizing Nutrition Intake In Preparation for Aerobic Training and Competition
In this presentation, John discusses the best nutritional practices to prepare for difficult and strenuous aerobic exercise training sessions and competitions.

Optimizing Nutrient Intake During Aerobic Exercise
In this presentation, John provides best nutritional practices to optimize nutritional supplementation during aerobic exercise to prevent dehydration, provide fuel for working muscles, protect the immune system and improve endurance performance.
Optimizing Nutrient Intake During Recovery from Aerobic Exercise
In this presentation, John provides guidelines for food and nutritional supplementation after strenuous aerobic exercise or competition to rehydrate, refuel, and limit muscle damage to speed recovery and to increase the rate of training adaptation.

Optimizing Nutrient Intake for Muscle Hypertrophy and Strength
In this presentation, John offers information on protein metabolism, as well as nutritional advice on the amount, timing, and type of dietary protein and carbohydrates to consume to enhance resistance exercise training adaptations.

Presentations by sports nutritionist Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD:

Sports Nutrition: Resolving the Confusion
In this session, Nancy addresses the confusion regarding trendy sports nutrition topics. She will help you figure out how to choose the best foods to fuel your workouts.

Weight Loss: Why is it so hard?
In this session, Nancy addresses the confusion regarding reducing diets and presents an eating plan that contributes to sustainable fat loss.
Eating Disorders and Dieting Gone Awry
In this session, Nancy addresses ways that athletes with a complicated relationship with food can transform their food fears into peaceful fueling.

How to Succeed in Business by Really Trying
In this session, Nancy offers her tried and true business tips for growing your business as a sports dietitian or a personal trainer.

Here’s what people are saying about the Online Workshop

“This workshop gave me just what I wanted. It was great!”

“This workshop was informative and energizing–like a shot of B-12 for a fatigued RD!” Denice Ondrejcak RD

“What I liked best was access to these two internationally known experts. I learned so much from the invaluable first-hand experiences of Nancy Clark and John Ivy.”

“I learned a lot of information that has expanded my knowledge for my new career. Thank you for offering this online option.” Karen Stone, Personal Trainer

“I came with tons of questions about how to eat for exercise, and I left with all the answers. I got my money’s worth plus more!”

“I so enjoyed the workshop!!! Wonderfully done and so helpful to be able to listen to it again and again. Thank you for providing this online material. I love your books and hope someday I will be able to meet you at a conference.” Cris Rueffert RD

“I completed your workshop this past weekend and wanted to say thank you! Your information and practical way of delivering this information has already helped me in practice this week. I have learned so much from your books and now, from your workshop. You have given me even more inspiration to further my career.”

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