Food Guide for New Runners

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Get it right from the start!
Don’t let nutrition be your missing link!
Nancy Clark’s Food Guide for New Runners: Getting It Right From the Start (2008) clearly and concisely answers the nutrition questions of novice runners: What should I eat before I run? What about sports drinks? How much protein should I be eating? How can I lose weight and have energy to exercise? Is it normal from runners to get dizzy at the end of a run?


This “how to” book will answer those questions — plus many others. Nancy Clark’s Food Guide for New Runners is easy to read, offers practical tips, debunks nutrition myths, and is a handy resource for new runners who are eager to learn how to reach their goals with energy to spare.

It is —

  • A nutrition guidebook with chapters to help you with day-to-day eating for high energy.
  • A sports nutrition resource with chapters about how to fuel for strength and stamina.
  • A food book filled with easy ideas for breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners.
  • A source of inspiration to help you enjoy your new life as a runner.

You’ll Learn How to …

  • Eat well, even when you’re pressed for time
  • Effectively balance carbohydrates, protein, and fat into your sport diet
  • Choose the best snacks for before, during, and after runs, as you go further and further
  • Lose weight and have energy to exercise
  • Carbohydrate load for a marathon

How Clark’s Food Guide for New Runners is Organized

The book has three sections:

1.   Day to day eating on the run.
2.   Fueling before, during and after runs, and
3.   Weight management — how to healthfully gain muscle and/or lose undesired body fat.

Here’s what readers are saying about Nancy Clark’s Food Guide for New Runners:

“Of all the sports nutrition material I have read, Nancy Clark’s has been the best to digest. Thank you for all of your advice.”
“Nutrition has always been an area where I’ve had very little knowledge but always wanted to learn more. I need someone to spell out exactly what I should be eating. Nancy Clark’s books do this for me!”
“Nancy, thank you so much for writing this book. As a coach, the number one question I consistently hear from my runners is “What about nutrition””Dear Nancy, I just have to write you a thank you note. I purchased your Food Guide for New Runners and I’ve just finished the second week of implementing your suggested eating routine. WOW, what a difference! I recover better. I sleep better. I fatigue less during runs and my muscles are certainly no where near as sore the next day as they used to be. I also really look forward to my low fat chocolate milk at the end of a run.”
Kind regards, Sheree White, Australia


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