Coaching for RDs

Are you aspiring to be a sports dietitian? Or maybe you are registered dietitian who wants help establishing your sports nutrition career, dealing with difficult clients, and/or learning how to effectively counsel athletes? Maybe you have lots of questions about how to start a sports nutrition business and would like to pick Nancy’s brain?

Nancy’s nutrition advice on the back of the Wheaties box

Please contact Nancy to arrange for a professional consultation and coaching session ($200 per hour). You will get to ask her any and all questions that puzzle you, be it how to—

  • build your private practice
  • handle a specific situation
  • get your career going in the direction of your choice
  • resolve counseling issues that might be on your mind.

You can learn from Nancy’s vast experiences as a sports dietitian, author, nutrition entrepreneur, and workshop leader. She is willing to help you in person (if you live in the Boston area), over the phone, or via Skype. Your choice!

Please send an email to to request an appointment, letting Nancy know some suggested times that you are available for the appointment. You can also call her at 617-795-1875 and leave a message.

Here’s what RDs have said about Nancy’s expertise after attending her workshop “How to Succeed with Your Sports Nutrition Business by Really Trying”

“I learned so much and am taking home so many wonderful tips. I feel motivated and reinvigorated to begin a strategic plan for my business.” RD and Personal Trainer
“Great information! Thanks for sharing and caring!” Aspiring sports dietitian
“Nancy, thank you for sharing your style of counseling. It felt so therapeutic. You simply make sense!”RD with clinical experience

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