Wanted: Binge Eaters for a discussion

Posted on 22-01-2014 , by: Nancy Clark , in , 0 Comments

I received this note and am passing it along via my blog. If you are a binge eater, perhaps you can help Laura…

My name is Laura and I am a project manager at ICG, an independent healthcare research firm. We are conducting research for a major pharmaceutical company with people who have Binge Eating Disorder, in order to learn more about their experiences treating and managing their condition. I am hoping you might be able to help with our research by passing this information along to any patients of yours who might be interested.

Please note that we are only interested in learning more about their experiences and are not pushing or promoting any specific products.

For our research, starting in February we will be hosting a private online discussion board that will prompt Binge Eating Disorder patients from around the country to respond to research questions and share their experiences treating and managing their condition. In addition to the support of others with Binge Eating Disorder, participants will be compensated monetarily for their time and feedback on the discussion board.

 If you need more information, please contact Laura at 312-988-9500 ext. 116 or lkreidler@icgimpact.com


For written help for resolving disordered eating patterns, please refer to the chapter on “Dieting Gone Awry” in Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook.  Or better yet, make an appointment with a sports dietitian who can help you find peace with food. The referral network at www.EatRight.org can help you find a local nutrition professional.


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