Sports nutrition websites: Where to find good information

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The Internet offers an amazing array of sports nutrition information—but it also contributes to great confusion. Many athletes complain to me about information overload; they have no idea whom to believe and how to determine which websites offer reputable advice. No wonder; if you google “credible sports nutrition information,” you will find over four million links!

If you are like most active people, you simply want to know how to find valid information that tells you what and when to eat to perform at your best. Here’s a list of websites to help you fuel wisely, eat healthfully, and feel confident with your food choices.

Both Nestle Nutrition Institute (Nestle is the parent company for PowerBar) and The Gatorade Sports Science Institute offer excellent sports nutrition articles written by leading sports scientists. The information is presented by respected researchers and is educational, not just promotional!

The Australian Institute for Sport has abundant sports nutrition fact sheets as well as information on supplements and body size/shape.

Information for parents of young athletes

The World’s Healthiest Foods website is packed with information about the healthiest ways of eating and cooking. (Check out “What happens when I eat a bowl of cereal?” to see animated digestion in action!)

This website offers extensive resources for athletes who struggle with food, weight, and body image issues, as well as offers support for loved ones.

If you don’t want to search the web to find answers to your sports nutrition concerns, go to and use the referral network to find a local sports dietitian. Meeting in person with a sports nutrition professional and getting personalized advice is always the best bet!

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