Dieting Tips for Active People

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Great advice for losing those last few pounds!


This 40 minute Mp3 download or CD on how to lose fat and have energy to exercise is for active people who are frustrated they can’t lose those last few pounds. They’ll learn about what, when, and how much to eat; how to stop craving sweets, and how to be at peace with food.

The audio media focuses on six keys to successful fat loss.

Here’s what people are saying about Dieting Tips for Active People:

“This tape is The Best … It has helped me get off the diet roller coaster.!”
“I thought I knew everything about dieting, but Nancy Clark’s tape was surprisingly helpful. I’ve finally succeeded at losing fat that had been driving me crazy.”
“I was skeptical about listening to yet another dieting tape, but Dieting Tips for Active People was actually be helpful! I’ve learned how to eat better, lose weight, and find peace with food.”


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