Commercial Sports Foods

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Making Sense of the Commercial Sports Food Scene 
Sports drinks, gels, energy drinks, sports beans … are these commercial sports foods “magical”? Or are orange slices, bananas, sugary candy and latte’s equally good choices? What’s a confused athlete supposed to eat?


The goal of the 58 slides (plus script) in this PowerPoint presentation is to make informed consumers out of hungry exercisers who have no idea of what’s best for fuel before, during and after exercise.

Topics include —

  • Brief overview of the growth of the sports food industry
  • Overview of the importance of fueling before and during exercise
  • Concerns about digestion
  • Facts about —
    • Caffeinated energy drinks and sports foods
    • Sports drinks, sodium and electrolyte replacement
    • Sports candy, gels and gummi candies
    • Recovery products and essential amino acids

The target audience is high school and college athletes and their coaches..

Available as PowerPoint Download.

The presentation takes about one hour and can easily be divided into modules.


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