Reprintable Monthly Sports Nutrition Column

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Never quite find the time to write a sports nutrition column? … Here is a solution!


(Geared for Health Professionals) If you are thinking about writing a monthly sports nutrition column for your clients — or are faced with the monthly task of writing for, let’s say, your running club or corporate wellness program — relax! Simply use this ready-to-reprint one page article that addresses the latest nutrition concerns of active people. While Nancy gets credit for being the author, you get credit for providing helpful nutrition information with your audience.

> Sample column (sample is MS Word)

The article will be sent to you via email as an MS Word document you can format for your newsletter and distribute to your audience (with credit given to Nancy Clark as the author).

One (1) year subscription – 12 articles at the bargain price of $29!!

Sample titles include:
– Carbohydrate Confusion
– Taming the Cookie Monster
– Eating Well: A Primer for Athletes
– Disordered Eating and Athletes: When Food is a Foe
– Fueling Sports Kids
– Fast Food Best Bets
– Recovery Nutrition

Here’s what readers are saying about this monthly sports nutrition column:

“Yours is the most informed and intelligent writing about nutrition and sports that I have ever read. Thank you!”

“I want to commend Nancy Clark for providing sensible nutrition advice in every column. She never advocates fad diets, and always bases her nutrition articles on the latest research.”

“Although I am only a casual exerciser and not a serious athlete, I can always relate to the information in your nutrition columns. You speak to people of all ages about today’s health and food problems in terms that everyone can understand. I am a Nancy Clark Fan!”


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