Post-workout beer….?

Posted on 03-03-2016 , by: Nancy Clark , in , , 0 Comments

Nancy, I work hard, train hard, and want to enjoy a post workout beer. Can I enjoy it guilt-free?

Answer: I am not concerned about a post-workout beer (or two), as long as you consume them responsibly. That means:

–First drink some water to quench your thirst and replace sweat losses. (Beer has a dehydrating effect.)
–Consume some carbohydrates with the beer (pretzels?) to refuel depleted muscles. (Beer is a poor source of carbohydrates: only 50 calories of carbs but 100 calories of alcohol per can of beer)
–Consume a balanced meal either with, or soon after, drinking the beer (to buffer the alcohol and to offer protein to repair the muscles).

While I have few concerns about your enjoying one post-workout beer alongside a wholesome sports meal, I do not recommend you drink beer for your post-workout meal! Moderation is always the best policy.

Drink wisely, fuel your body well, and win with good nutrition.

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