Comparing dairy milk to milk alternatives

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If you are allergic to cows milk, choose a vegan diet, or prefer to limit your intake of dairy foods for whatever reason, here is how dairy milk compares to milk alternatives. Plant-based milks are more like “juice” than milk; hey are not a milk alternative. The exception is soy milk, because soy has high-quality protein. Soy milk is the best vegan alternative to dairy milk.

Enjoy nut milks as you desire, but just be aware they are a nutrient-poor choice—a poor choice for not only growing children, but also aging adults. (Protein needs increase as we go over the hill.) Most plant milks are fortified with calcium to match that in dairy. But nut-based milks lack protein. As you look at this chart, note:

  • Lack of protein, as well as high-quality, muscle-building protein in milked nuts.
  • Added sugars in the sweetened nut milks.


Beverage, 8 oz. Protein (g) Calories Sugar

Added (g)

Fortification Comments
Dairy milk, 1% fat 8 110 A, D Naurally rich in calcium protein, and other life-sustaining nutrients
Almond milk, Silk


1 30 A, E, D, Calcium Very low in protein and natural nutrients
Almond Milk, Silk


1 90 16 A, E, D, B-12

B-2, zinc, Calcium

60 calories of added sugar. Just take a vitamin pill instead?
Soy milk, Silk


7 80 Calcium, A, D, B-2, B-12 Good source of high- quality protein
Soy milk, Silk


6 100 9 Calcium, A, D, B2, B12 Better source of protein than nut milk

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