Sports Nutrition Podcasts: Listen up!

Posted on 14-10-2019 , by: Nancy Clark , in , , 0 Comments

Podcasts offer a handy way to learn about (sports) nutrition while exercising, driving, or walking the dog. The hosts commonly interview researchers who are conducting the latest studies with athletes. Here are five of my favorite podcasts; please share yours so we can expand this list!

  • with Melissa Joy Dobbins RD. You’ll hear about all things daily nutrition, with a focus on current food topics and controversies.
  • We Do Science, (, hosted by UK sports nutritionist Dr. Laurent Bannock. Episode #118: “Swifter, Higher, Stronger” with Professors Louise Burke and John Hawley is well worth a listen.
  •, hosted by exercise physiologist and Idaho State University professor Shawn Bearden PhD.  Episode #69: Training on Low Glycogen offers food for thought.
  •, hosted by sports nutritionist Rebecca McConville RD and therapist Kara Shelman LCSW.  This podcast is devoted to female athletes wanting it all: Performance, Health, Intellect, and Time. You might like the episode with marathoner Allie Kieffer I don’t run fast because I am light. I run fast because I am stronger.
  •, hosted by Danny Lennon MSc.  Episode #297 on Carbohydrate-Restriction, Ketosis & Neuroprotection with Cliff Harvey PhD of New Zealand offers a balanced perspective on a hot topic.
  • Catalyst Health and Wellness Coaching Podcast with Bradford Cooper covers a variety of topics that can help athletes look at the whole picture, including self talk, resilience, and balancing their lives.

I am sure I have missed a lot of podcasts. Maybe you can help me expand this list by letting me know your favorite sports nutrition podcasts?


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