Do you have a slow metabolism?

Posted on 26-06-2019 , by: Nancy Clark , in , , 0 Comments

I commonly hear people complain about having a slow metabolism. The question arises: Is their metabolism “slow” — or are they just very “mellow” people?

When I observe clients who report they have a “slow metabolism,” I notice they tend to sit very calmly and barely blink their eyes, In comparison, a person with a “fast metabolism” tends to be fidgety, animated, and very lively even when seated. When I ask my clients if they are good at sitting or fidgeting, most folks with a self-proclaimed “slow metabolism” report they are very good at sitting quietly for hours (generally in front of a screen either at home or at work.) Their ability to sit quietly for extended periods helps me assess their energy needs—far fewer calories than a fidgeter!

When I explain to clients this predisposition to fidget or sit quietly is genetic, it helps them stop blaming their “metabolism” and gives them more incentive to move more –or at least to understand the situation and put the blame on themselves and not their metabolism.

Get moving?

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