Peanut Butter: Why it’s an excellent sports foods

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Peanut butter (PB) is a popular sports food that is not only yummy but also health-promoting.  I routinely choose to enjoy two (!) PB sandwiches a day: one for lunch and the other to curb late-afternoon hunger.

If you try to stay away from peanut butter because it is fattening or too fatty, think again and keep reading (as long as you are not allergic to peanuts, that is). The purpose of this article is to educate you about the value of PB in a diet for sports-active people of ages and athletic abilities—as well as their parents and grandparents.

  • PB is not inherently fattening. While any food eaten in excess can be fattening, people who eat PB (and nuts, for that matter) five or more times a week are not fatter than nut avoiders. That’s because peanuts and PB are satiating; they help you feel pleasantly fed. Peanut eaters tend to intuitively eat less at other times of the day.
  • PB offers many health benefits. The fat in PB is primarily health-promoting mono- and poly- unsaturated fat that knocks down inflammation. For athletes who get micro-injuries every time they train, an anti-inflammatory food such as PB is a wise choice.
  • The fat in PB helps absorb the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. You want to include some (healthful) fat in each meal; PB is a painless way to do so!
  • If you are an endurance athlete, such as a marathoner or cyclist, you’ll optimize your sports diet by eating at least 0.5 grams fat per pound of body weight. You’ll use it for fuel during extended exercise. PB in oatmeal before a long bike ride or a PB & J sandwich on a long bike ride are yummy and healthy ways to enjoy adequate dietary fat.
  • PB is a good source of arginine, an amino acid that helps keep blood vessels flexible so that blood flows more easily and reduces blood pressure. The more PB you eat, the bigger the effect on health protection.
  • What’s good for the heart is also good for the brain. Research suggests PB eaters improve their brain-blood circulation and mental function. This contributes to enhanced processing speed and better short-term memory.  Eating PB and nuts today is a wise investment in your future brain health.
  • PB contains numerous bioactive compounds (phenols) that bolster the immune system. Spanish peanuts and shell peanuts are particularly wise snack choices because the peanut skin is rich in anti-oxidants and fiber.
  • All peanuts are non-GMO and have low risk of pesticide residue, in part because peanuts grow under the ground.
  • Is all natural peanut butter far better than Skippy of Jif? All types of PB need to meet a “standard of identity” as defined by the USDA. Conventional brands might have 2% added saturated fat (palm oil, hydrogenated oils) to control the oil from separating. This small amount does not over-ride the positive health benefits of PB.
  • What about all the sugar added to Skippy and Jiff PB? “All” that sugar is only 2 or 3 grams. That’s nothing compared to the 10 to 15 grams of sugar in the jelly or honey you might enjoy with the PB, or the 6 g sugar in the sandwich bread. Regardless, sugar fuels your muscles. Please fret less about added sugar and focus more on PB’s zinc, folate, vitamin E, niacin, and selenium. It is nutrient-rich.
  • What about the sodium in PB? The 150 mg. sodium in a serving of PB is less than the sodium you get in one slice of bread or 12-ounces of Gatorade.
  • But what if I can’t eat just one spoonful…? If you stay away from PB because you can’t eat just a reasonable serving, think again. Overindulging in PB means you like it; you should eat it more often! By enjoying PB at every meal, in a few days, you will stop craving it. No more binges! Avoiding peanut butter just sets you up for “last chance eating.” You know, I just blew my diet by eating PB so I’d better keep eating it. Last chance before I go back on my diet. Denial and deprivation of PB lead to overeating. Do not deny yourself of this yummy sports food. You will deprive your body of valuable health benefits!


Sports nutritionist Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD has a private practice in the Boston-area (Newton; 617-795-1875), where she helps both fitness exercisers and competitive athletes resolve food confusion. Her best-selling Sports Nutrition Guidebook has several yummy recipes with peanut butter. See

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  1. Rollerblading is my usual long-distance workout due to knee problems that I began experiencing a decade ago and ended my running, but including peanut butter as a favorite fuel source hasn’t changed. Peanut butter is also still my favorite sandwich filling and part of my favorite work lunch and fuel for a long rollerblading session. Two layers of natural creamy peanut butter holding a layer of raw and unfiltered wildflower honey, a sliced organic banana and black raspberry jelly between two slices of whole wheat bread make for a delicious, nutritious and filling meal as well as my first choice for whenever I want a sandwich. Mmm, so good.

    • Mmmmm … I might just grab that sandwich out of your hands! I agree, PB sandwiches are The Best!

      • Here, I’ll give you the recipe:

        2 slices of bread of your choice
        2 tablespoons (minimum) of peanut butter of your choice of variety
        1 tablespoon (minimum) of jelly, your choice of flavor
        1-2 spoonfuls of honey of your choice of variety
        1 (preferably ripe) banana

        1. Lay out bread slices on a flat surface like a cutting board or a large plate. Lay them out so that they appear as mirror images. This way, the bread will line up better once you put the sandwich together and you won’t have to worry so much about the dreaded “jelly slide” (jelly leaking) or the far worse “peanut butter grab” (where it grabs hold of a napkin or paper towel).
        2. Using a butter knife, spread a layer of peanut butter on one slice of bread. Wipe of excess peanut butter onto blank slice of bread.
        3. With a spoon, drizzle 1-2 spoonfuls of honey over the peanut butter. Once that’s done, blend the two ingredients together on the bread using the back of the spoon.
        4. Spread a second layer of peanut butter on top of the honey (to keep the latter from leaking). Wipe any excess peanut butter onto blank slice of bread. Any stubborn remains can be wiped off with a napkin.
        5. Peel a banana and cut it into coin-like slices.
        6. Lay out banana slices over the peanut butter/honey mix. Clean knife with a napkin when done.
        7. Spread a layer of jelly on the other slice of bread.
        8. Place the jelly-covered bread on top of the peanut butter, honey and banana-covered bread.
        9. Gently press the two slices together to form sandwich. Transfer finished product onto a plate if construction took place on a cutting board.
        10. Serve the remainder of the banana as a side item, pour a glass of milk, and you are now ready to enjoy your healthy and yummy peanut butter, honey, banana and jelly sandwich.

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